Zpacks Solplex Tent

The Solplex is a 15.5oz (439 grams) shelter made of Dyneema Composite Fabric. It is sized for an average solo hiker. Larger hikers may prefer to spread out in the Altaplex or Duplex.

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  • Watch the Solplex Tent Overview Video.
  • Sets up with two trekking poles adjusted to around 48″ (122 cm) and 32″ (81 cm). The back pole inserts between the back of the tarp and the back screen wall. If your pole does not adjust, a taller pole could be used at the back outside the tarp. There is an exterior tie out on the rear peak for that purpose.If you do not use trekking poles, we have Straight Tent Poles available, or you could consider our Freestanding Solplex Flex Tent upgrade.
  • Eight stakes are required for this tent.
  • Either of the storm doors can be opened or closed independently. Leave them open on nice nights for a breeze and great views. Close the upwind door to block cold wind, or close both for 360° rain protection. The doors are closed with custom made metal hooks. Door hooks can also be retrofitted on any older tents.
  • There is screen between the bathtub floor and the walls at the ends of the tarp. An elastic cord keeps the bathtub elevated ensuring the screen slopes downwards away from the bathtub. Any condensation will run down the walls and out through the downward sloping screen, rather than onto the floor.
  • The tarp overhangs the bathtub floor by 4-5 inches (12 cm). In calm rain or under wet trees the doors can be left open for air flow without water dripping on the floor space. In almost all conditions at least one downwind door can be left open for air. For even better rain protection with a door open, use the included clips to pull the screen door back away from the rain spray, as shown.
  • A Rainbow zipper allows you to get in our out the left or right side of the tent and gives you access to the vestibule area. The doorway is tall for easy entry.
  • This tent has a solid, sewn in 8 inch (20 cm) tall bathtub floor. The bathtub floor is a rectangle 30 inches wide by 7.5 feet long (76cm x 2.3m), plenty of space for one average sized person to stretch out. You can use a full length wide width sleeping pad with room to spare at the ends of the tent for gear. If you need extra space try propping up the side guylines for even more headroom.
  • The bathtub floor has a Mesh Pocket. at both ends for storing small items like your flashlight, glasses, phone, etc. The pockets are about 8″ x 8″ (20 cm x 20 cm). Older tents can be retrofitted with stick-on Mesh Tent Pockets.
  • A separate groundsheet is not required for this shelter. The floor material is reasonably durable, and all Dyneema Composite Fabric gear can be easily patched in the field with repair tape.  If you do prefer to use a groundsheet as a precaution, Flat Groundsheets are available.
  • All of our tents do pretty well in the wind. The material can handle high wind loads. As long as your stakes stay in the ground (use rocks if available) your tent will stay standing. Dyneema Composite Fabric is not particularly noisy, however almost any tent will make a little noise in the wind. Ear plugs are not a bad idea for windy nights.


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